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Safety Beds by SleepSafe for those that have special needs, beds are just one of the many services Carolina Medical can assist you with. Any patient who is prone to roaming unsupervised, suffer from a seizure disorder or those that cannot help themselves after falling out the bed, during the night when caregivers are sleeping can be a danger to themselves or someone in the house. A safety bed is an important safety measure in these cases, and give peace of mind for everyone.

When choosing a SleepSafe® Bed, Carolina Medical Equipment wants you and your loved ones to rest in a comfortable and safe environment, so with the advice from caregiving professionals and listening to the needs of our clients, SleepSafe® Beds, has created durable medical equipment (DME) safety bed, that meets or exceeds the FDA guidelines on entrapment and falls.

Our durable medical equipment (DME) safety beds have one distinct difference — the height of the safety rail protection above the mattress. This choice should be made based on the activity level of the user. How active are they? How much safety rail above the mattress is needed? Can they sit up? Can they pull to kneel or stand in the bed? Keeping this in mind will help you and your doctor determines which bed is most appropriate.

Contact locally owned and operated, Carolina Medical to help you find the best option for your loved one.

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